License & Test

Hoch much does mobio cost? The price is similar to the prices of comparable products, each mobio license however includes all the functionalities that mobio has to offer. Apart from the license fee you should take a one-time setup-fee into account.

For agencies: White Label is available!

Updates & Extensions

Our annual license fee includes the continuous development of mobio. Additionally, we don't want to deprive you of features and functions that result from other customer projects.

The mobio core is purposely being developed extendably, so features that you may desire can be integrated smoothly.

mobio as a White Label solution

  • We love agencies

  • Your customers are your customers. Promised!

  • With mobio your agency will be a Digital-Publishing-Champion

  • mobio stays invisible: a White Label solution with your branding

  • Honour and glory? All yours.

  • And the „Wow“ of your customers.

  • Together we can achieve more!

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