mobio offers you 110 % design freedom. We believe that an app should not dictate how content is displayed or the way the user is guided. For this reason you can simply customise the user guidance and the design of all the elements in the mobio backend - no app updates are necessary. This way you are able to make any short-term changes to the app. Of course mobio offers a preview mode, so changes can be checked in the app without having to publish them.


mobio's innovative, card-based design allows you to freely choose the position, size and content of the cards in the backend. Thanks to a WYSIWYG-editor you can immediately see the result of your changes.

The cards can contain content like videos, images, texts, advertisements or live content. Furthermore, the cards are used as navigation elements - this allows you to structure your content the way you want to.

This offers you a quick and easy way to design the app according to your imagination.


HTML5 as a basis for your articles offers you near infinite ways of designing your content. This eliminates the need for boring PDF-Apps and allows you to add interactive elements (videos, animations, etc.) or complex logic.

The use of responsive HTML makes your content look perfect on all platforms, using just one design.

Here you can see how you can automatically transform your content to HTML5.

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