Communication in everyday hospital life

Communication is a huge challenge in the daily routine of a hospital. Neither bulletin board nor intranet reach all employees - no wonder, because thanks to shift work, part-time work and vacation, simply never all employees are in the clinic at the same time.
The solution: your own clinic app!

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9-fold optimized communication thanks to mobio® clinic app

1. internal communication

Internal news, circulars, resolutions, service instructions, etc. are rarely accessed on the intranet and therefore often have to be distributed by paper or e-mail. With a clinic app, all information and documents are available to employees on their smartphones - automatically pre-filtered by location and/or team membership.

2. push function for urgent messages

Extremely useful in crisis communication: Urgent news for locations, departments or management levels can be transmitted via push.

3. useful things for the employees

From a canteen menu to an interactive bulletin board with classified ads and carpooling opportunities to an employee directory, a clinic app can provide practical services. Even an internal chat, comment or suggestion system function is possible. And for new employees, onboarding tools and FAQs are a real relief.

4. employee management

HR departments love clinic apps because they offer the possibility to perform instructions and training digitally with less effort. Participation is documented in a legally secure manner. Anonymous surveys in the app are also useful. With these, mood changes in the workforce can be recorded.

5. digitalization of processes

Submitting your vacation application on your smartphone? mobio® Apps make it possible. With interfaces to the clinic's internal systems for smooth processes. Many other forms or similar are also available as app versions.

6. Employer Branding

The presence of a clinic app - communicated in the career section of the website - is a strong element of employer branding. Because the app signals: This clinic takes internal communication seriously and works with modern methods.

7. "Onboarding" for patients

The better the patients are prepared for admission to the clinic, the more pleasant the "check-in" will be. The ideal instrument: interactive checklists in the clinic app. Patients have the option of editing the lists - for example, to add further personal points.

8. emergency aid

The app can also facilitate the management of emergency patients – by integrating emergency hotlines that are directly connected to the phone function of the smartphone.

9. successful patient communication

Smartphone friendly content instead of PC focus!

  • Site plan: Interactive instead of static image

  • Parking: parking garage addresses that are imported into the smartphone navigation system with a click

  • Events: Advertise info events in the app, if necessary even with a registration form

  • Digital services: Pick and order lunch in the app? That can be set up, for example with temporarily valid patient log-ins.

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Smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday lives, whether at work or at home.

By downloading this white paper, you gain access to 40 pages of bundled expert knowledge from numerous clinical and employee app projects: Why is a clinic app worthwhile? What needs to be considered during the planning phase? Which app solution causes little internal effort? How are internal systems (Intranet, ERP, HR) securely integrated? How does the app get into the app stores?

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