Only grant selected authorised users access to content. These could be employees, subcribers or shareholders. Access can be managed in the mobio backend and can be set for groups or individual users.



Monetise your content by allowing users to purchase individual issues or subscriptions - mobio supports all available monetisation models. When deciding what content you want to sell you have the freedom to offer anything from collections of content to individual articles.

Favoriten & Sharing

Favourites & Sharing

Share your content on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Xing etc. and maximise the reach of your content. To easily be able to find content again later on you can save and manage favourites.



Use the possibility to integrate advertisements into your app - this provides you with an additional source of income and enables you to offer your advertisers further channels. Of course the integration of your personal ad-server is possible anytime.


Whether it's English, French or Portuguese - mobio supports almost any language. Using translation tables you can indivdually set any text within the app interface.

The user can select his preferred language individually in the app-settings.

This gives you the option to create an app that can be viewed in the user's preferred language worldwide.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Use modern technologies like the mobio Augmented Viewer to visualise complicated matters within your app or to create a stronger link between the app and other types of media (magazines etc). Together with our partners we create individual 3D-models that can be displayed using the AR-viewer.

Multimedia Inhalte

Multimedia Content

mobio allows you to include multimedia content to make your content stand out visually. Videos, animations, galleries or small games - mobio doesn't limit you in your creativity. Even live content like the current weather, your Facebook-timeline or the newest Twitter-Tweets is supported.



Create and plan your push-notifications in the mobio backend. Personalise them for each OS to gain a higher reach for your message. The time and content of each push-notification can be selected individually.



Easily find desired content using a powerful full-text search that searches through the data you have saved to your device and the data that is still on the server.


Location Services

Using the location services mobio allows you to display your content based on the user's location. This can be used for regional advertisements, the current weather forecast for your location or regional Sales-documents.


Memory Management

The intelligent memory management within the app allows the user to decide how much memory he wants to allocate for offline content. All downloaded content can be deleted again.



Perform legally compliant instructions directly in the app: Time and location independent. By integrating capitoo, instructions on topics such as data protection, compliance or occupational safety can be carried out directly in the App. Legally compliant and without IT technical requirements.™


mobio is designed to connect your existing systems (e.g. online CMS, intranet, HR suite, Adobe InDesign® etc.). So you do not need to implement new software and can continue to use the familiar tools to offer content/services in the app.

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